4 Questions to Help You Focus Your Social Media Marketing

4 Questions to Help You Focus Your Social Media Marketing | Know you need to get started with social media, but overwhelmed by all the choices? Manage your social media accounts easily and effectively - even on tight time and budget constraints - by asking yourself these 4 questions to focus your social media marketing strategy and narrow your focus!

Our lives are inundated with social media these days, and it seems like there’s a new social platform popping up every day. With all those choices, it’s easy to look at social media marketing and think: “There is no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks I have the time or the budget to deal with this.”

But don’t let this social media overwhelm get to you! Because even if you’re working with a small budget and trying to fit social media into your already busy schedule, you can get real results.


One word: FOCUS.

As with many things in life, social media marketing benefits from quality over quantity. By focusing your social media efforts on one or two key platforms, you can build a successful social media strategy without shelling out the big bucks or sacrificing your other responsibilities.

But how do you decide which social media accounts you should focus on? Start by asking yourself these four questions:


1. Does one of your social media profiles already stand out?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Does an existing social media account already stand out among the others in terms of engagement, numbers, or conversions? That means you’re on the right track! Make strong accounts even more effective by analyzing your past posts to see what types of messaging or post frequency really resonate with your audience.


2. Where does your audience already hang out?

Think about your target customer or donor – what type of person are you trying to reach with your marketing? And which social media platforms is that person most likely to spend time on?

If you work primarily with photographers and designers, for example, chances are good that your audience spends more time on Instagram (a visually-driven platform) than Twitter or Facebook. Work primarily with corporate partners or entrepreneurs? You may be more likely to find them on Twitter or LinkedIn than other platforms.

If you’re not sure where your customers or donors hang out online, ask them! Email a few frequent customers or donors to ask what their favorite social media platforms are, or ask your subscribers and followers to fill out a quick survey about their social media habits.

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3. What is your social media goal?

What do you want out of social media? Are you trying to build community? Increase brand awareness? Drive sales and donations? Grow your website traffic or email list? Choose a specific goal for your social media marketing, and focus on platforms that will help you achieve that goal.

If you want to drive traffic to your blog or website, for example, Pinterest might be a great platform to focus on. Looking to connect with industry peers? Think Twitter! 


4. Which platforms are a natural fit for your content?

Think about what types of content your business or nonprofit is already producing. Do you take beautiful product photos? Write insightful articles or blog posts? Share short quotes or news items? Choose social media channels that are well poised to help you promote the kind of content you’re already creating.

Do you write helpful posts that include high-quality images? Pinterest is a natural fit. Share breaking news stories, short-form quotes and ideas, or work closely with others in your industry? Twitter may be the perfect place for you. Be very specific about what content you’re willing and able to produce or share, and focus on platforms that are well-suited to those content categories.

Even a small social media effort can have a big impact. To get the most out of the time you have to devote to online marketing, use the questions above to help you focus on a few key platforms!

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